Vacation Rental Helper

Vacation rental consultation and services


Below are the services I can provide.  You can pick and choose from them to fit your needs.

Rental Consultation

I can walk you through the how-to's of renting your property successfully.  I will discuss how to

  • Setup cleaners to be your inspectors using a checklist
  • Setup service for your hot tub/pool
  • Obtaining local emergency contacts
  • Setup your website and email
  • Setup your paypal account for credit card transactions
  • Setup your alarm system, locks and cameras
  • Setup your advertising with Google Adwords, VRBO, Homeaway and local chamber of commerce

This is a consultation only.  After the consultation, you may choose for me to do one or more of the above services, their descriptions and fees are below.

The cost of this service is $100

Website and Email Creation

I can create a website for your vacation rental that has proven to bring visitors to my rental and surely will do so for yours.  Remember, this is the face of your rental that the world sees, you want it to be a pretty one!

I can create the website on a free hosting plan so it costs you nothing each month to maintain.  Later if you wish, you can upgrade to a paid hosting plan that usually runs around $100 a year which will give you more storage space and more bandwidth.

 Along with the website, I can create you a corresponding email address, preferably on  The reason I like to keep the email address hosted on gmail is that if you ever change your website hosting, your email will always still be accessible and stored online rather than your computer at home.

The cost of this service is $500

Advertising Accounts

I can create and setup your advertising accounts on, and Google Adwords.  This entails work similar to creating the website.  You definitely want VRBO and google adwords to get your rental property in front of prospective renters.  I will also setup your paypal account to accept credit card payments and show you how to use it. requires a yearly subscription ($350) and google adwords bills monthly based on your imposed budget limits.

The cost of this service is $200

Alarm, Camera, Keyless lock Consultation

I can consult with you regarding the alarm company I use and cameras I use to help protect your investment as well as give you peace of mind on the well being of your home.  I will walk you through how to determine what sensors are needed and where.  I can then order the components of the alarm system and camera for you and give you instructions on how to install them yourself. 

I will talk to you about the key less locks I use and if you choose to use them, how to generate access codes and track them online.

The cost of this service is $100

Rental Quote Software

I wrote my own rental quote software out of necessity.  I have 3 properties now and each one has it's own set of rates for different time periods of the year.  It became very difficult to constantly generate a quote based on the number of nights and where those nights fell into the rate periods.  

My software does the following:

  • Allows you to create multiple properties, each with their own rates
  • Creates a rate based on arrival and departure dates that pulls from the rates table
  • Shows a report of upcoming rentals which can be sent to cleaners/hot tub service etc
  • Shows a report of financials based on the reservations
  • Allows the ability to add/subtract a percentage, add early/late checkin/out to the quote
  • Keep track of contacts, codes and notes based on the property

I provide instructions and help in the usage of the quote software.

 The cost of this service is $200

Vacation Rental Agreement and Documents

I can provide you with my vacation rental agreement,  swimming pool waiver and pre-arrival documents that I send to my renters thereby allowing you to omit what does not apply to your property and hit the ground running.  I will answer any questions and help you change or add any verbiage necessary to tailor the documents to your needs.

The cost of this service is $100

Complete Package

Provide all the services above and continued consultation support in the future.

The cost of this service is $1000

Future Site Maintenance

I can provide future site maintenance in the form of changing rates, adding/removing pictures, area activity info etc.

The cost of this service is $20 per occurrence or $75/year maintenance package

Alarm, Camera and Lock Installation

If you are on the east coast between NY and SC and as far west as OH, and would like me to handle the installation and configuring of your Alarm, Cameras and Locks, I can set this up for you.  Contact me for details and I will determine a price based on where you are located.